Comfortable stay at Seiryu

This is just one example of how you can spend your time at Seiryu.


Heartfelt welcome at the entrance

The window of our lounge offers a "magical view" of the sea, where you will be greeted with a welcome drink. Upon receiving the key to your room, you will be guided through our traditional style Japanese Ryokan and to your rooms.

Arrive at the room

Rooms are traditional Japanese style with classical tatami mats as flooring. All rooms offer ocean view. Enjoy a relaxing time with Japanese tea and sweets. Sweets and tea prepared in the rooms are free of charge. Yukata, Japanese light cotton kimono can be rented free of charge until check-out. (colorful "Oshare Yukata "or fancy Yukata can be rented for 500 yen)



Enjoy an immersive experience in the hot spring bath overlooking breathtaking scenery of the ocean. The orange color of the sky at sunset is truly magnificent. A glass of draft beer will be offered free of charge after hot spring bath.



Our professional chef of Japanese cuisine takes pride in serving the freshest local produce from the sea and the mountains. The plating is amazingly intricate and beautiful.


After dinner

Enjoy shopping at our souvenir shop after dinner. Specialty,  local products and sweets uniquely Japan can be purchased at the shop. Enjoy Tokoroten or gelidium jelly; made of seaweed called "Tengusa", our local specialty. (Free of charge) Enjoy Ramen at our restaurant serving light meal ( fee not included)



Have a good night sleep on the traditional Japanese comfortable futon mattresses. *Our staffs will set up our guests' futon while they are out for dinner. If enjoying room service, our staffs will set up our guests' futons after dinner and before breakfast.



Japanese love "Asaburo" or "morning bath". When staying at a Ryokan, many people enjoy the luxury of  soaking in hot spring bath Onsen while catching sunlight in the following morning. After enjoying "Asaburo", our guests will be offered "Miso Soup" with fresh seafood;  a soul food for Japanese people.  (Free of charge)



Enjoy "Mago chazuke", a traditional food that fishermen once ate on the boat and "Himono".  "Himono" is a dried fish and it will be grilled just before serving.


Check out

Please relax in a room until (10:00) at check-out time.
*This is just one example of how you can spend your time at Seiryu.